About Us

Sichuan Weibo New Material Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1957. It is located in Weiyuan County, Neijiang Sichuan Province. It presently owns total assets of one billion. The company is a National high-tech enterprise and the fourth biggest fiberglass enterprise In China.   With the development in recent years, the company has formed three industrial clusters. In Weiyuan County, Neijiang Huayuan Electronic Materials Co. Ltd. as a leading enterprise, It owns muliple fiberglass manufacturing plants, deep processing products manufacturing plant and have real estate, construction company as well as hospital, hotel business. In Neijiang city, we own Neijiang Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which is the leading comp...【more】

Contact Us

Email:[email protected]
Address:Weibo Technology Building, Sanhe Road, Weiyuan County, Sichuan Province,China.
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